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LT Lickme

    Channel: LT Lickme

    Global Subscriber Rank: 31

    Subscribers: 1,156,437

    Views: 70,700,000

    Estimated Annual Revenue: $27,000.00 - $434,000.00

    As of 21-Feb-17

    Description: Best known for his prank videos on people such as bullies on games such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto V. Unlike most trolls who troll just for their personal gain, he trolls only those who have done wrong. Such as bully others, beaten their girlfriends, etc. His most famous videos is where he impersonates being someone from Anonymous, and tells the victim their address and other personal info to get the victim to do whatever he pleases.

    Comment: Extreme content, but you have to marvel at the audacity.