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ScreenPro comment: Despite serving as two of the YouTube community’s most familiar faces, Rhett and Link only release a new video on their main channel about once a month. This causes any new offering from the comedy duo to merit celebration, but their latest video is particularly brilliant. Rhett and Link teamed up with Choice Hotels for “I’m On Vacation“, a music video about hitting the beach, working at an ice cream sandwich factory, and the zombie apocalypse.
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ScreenPro comment: Just as the much-disrupted entertainment landscape seemed to be leveling out, a new wave of upheaval has swept through the industry, affecting both traditional and online players alike… and not always in the direction initially expected.
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ScreenPro comment: Making films is akin to launching a new product. Statistics show that most fail. “All we need is money” isn’t the answer.
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ScreenPro comment: But the bigger growth story was once again international for Netflix: The company added 1.12 million subscribers in its international markets, compared to 610,000 a year ago, and now has 13.80 million subscribers abroad, up from 7.75 million a year ago.
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ScreenPro comment: In a joint interview with Variety, Grazer, Howard and Discovery CEO David Zaslav spoke of wanting to reach out to a new generation of younger viewers who are gravitating to YouTube and beyond for innovative programming–particularly on the scripted side, which may be underserved.
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ScreenPro comment: For some, success is measured in dollars, but underscoring the money is the message of building meaningful relationships with an audience.
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ScreenPro comment: Earlier this year the FBI dragged a man from a movie theater in Columbus, Ohio, after theater staff presumed he was using Google Glass to illegally record a film.
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ScreenPro comment: IMDB for online video?
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ScreenPro comment: Last summer, AT&T and Peter Chernin took a gamble on @SummerBreak, a reality series that unfolded across social media networks. Now that school is out once again, @SummerBreak is coming back, with a new group of teens chronicling their respective summer vacations.
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ScreenPro comment: A stealth startup catering to the YouTube community has reportedly raised a serious amount of funding.
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ScreenPro comment: Filmmakers are some of the most dynamic multi-taskers of our world society, and on top of that they already have a solid medium with audiences they can inspire to make important world changes.
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ScreenPro comment: Felix Media has received a grant through the agency’s revised P&A Plus program to support the VOD release of Fell. The program has been broadened to support innovative distribution approaches where a clear path to audience can be demonstrated. Screen Australia is also an investor in the film through its Feature Production program.
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ScreenPro comment: The show began as a six-episode web series that featured guest appearances from the likes of Stephen Root and TJ Miller and saw some episodes score sizable view counts on YouTube and CC Studios.
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ScreenPro comment: Time Warner and Vice may be close to getting hitched. As first reported by Sky News, the media conglomerate is eyeing a stake in the online magazine and news publication through an investment that could top $1 billion.
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ScreenPro comment: Thank you for all for taking us to a MILLION DOLLARS IN JUST TWO DAYS! And we broke the record for quickest funded film on the platform! We are now the #2 Film all time on IndieGoGo and we still have 27 days left in the campaign!
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