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ScreenPro comment: The unidentified street artist Banksy has re-emerged in Gaza to create a political mini-documentary about life inside the war-torn region. In the short film, posted to his official website on Wednesday, the artist appears to enter Gaza via underground tunnels before emerging through a metal door and into the rubble.
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ScreenPro comment: An organization might seek to 'connect to' its customers or constituents. Connection is a form of permission, the ability to deliver value to the people who request it. Vertical connection creates the ability to communicate and delivers a barrier to entry. Most online stores are connected to their customers. Most freelancers seek to connect to their clients. Most teachers work to connect to their students.
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ScreenPro comment: Proposals for dealing with Australia's online piracy issue have not been well received by a leading local consumer group. Describing the scheme as a grave risk to consumers and a gateway to unlimited fines, Choice has sent Communications Minister his first ever piracy warning.
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ScreenPro comment: Vimeo has inked a content development and distribution deal with Machinima, the second such agreement the video company has with a major YouTube multi-channel network. According to the companies, select long-form original programming produced by Machinima and its talent pool will be eligible for “dedicated funding” from Vimeo, which is committing to at least $500,000 to finance and develop projects. In return, Vimeo will own exclusive distribution rights to that content on Vimeo On Demand.
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ScreenPro comment: McLennan and McCartney have told us they're thrilled to hear their health idol has watched their show. "We've just read Sarah's blog post and have each turned a deep shade of rose because of the blushing," they say. "We have massive crushes on Sarah; so much so that we've stopped using petrochemicals in our skincare regime and McLennan has purchased herself a green pair of shorts for her weekend hikes. We're so glad that Sarah has taken the 'We Quit Sugar' episode in the spirit intended; a love letter from two deranged women who are currently eating a failed chocolate cake direct from the tin."
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ScreenPro comment: A new model is needed and today's digital networks get this. Reed Hastings often declares that Netflix company isn't interested in the ratings of its original – or licensed – content. Instead, they care about how these titles affect engagement and retention. Does House of Cards (or Cars 2) make users more likely to watch other content? Are they more likely to stay? That's the metric. Last year, The Hollywood Reporter asked Amazon Studios head Roy Price how working for a digital network affected which shows he purchased. In his response, he rejected the idea of ratings supremacy outright: "Let's say you had a show where 80 percent of the people you show it to think it's pretty good. They might watch it, but none of those people think it's a great show nor is it their favorite show. But then you have another show where only 30 percent of people like it. For every single one of them, they're going to watch every single episode and they love it. Well, in an on-demand world, show No. 2 is more valuable."
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ScreenPro comment: Mobile video consumption is growing at an enormous rate, and 50% of video views will be via a mobile device by 2016. So what steps should creators and video marketers take, particularly around these three components:
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ScreenPro comment: Siobhan Freegard started Netmums, a digital hub for mothers, when she was a new mom and realized there weren’t any websites out there specifically for mothers (as you can imagine, that was a while back–her kids are a lot older now). Thus, UK-based Freegard’s online community (“built by moms, for moms,” she explained) grew to its current state as an established forum, resource, and outlet for mothers. She decided it was time to “hand Netmums on to an experienced team who can manage and nurture it going forward.”
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ScreenPro comment: For the past five years, the Writers Guild of America has honored superlative web series through its Short Form New Media category. This year, the WGA chose to honor a series often regarded as the web’s best. It handed out its Short Form New Media award to High Maintenance, the Vimeo web series created by Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld.
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ScreenPro comment: Bad Night, the latest crossover project with big names from online video, will feature YouTube stars Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen (better known online as LoveLaurenElizbeth) and Jenn McAllister (aka, JennXPenn), said GRB Entertainment in announcing its first film.
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ScreenPro comment: At NET-WORK-PLAY you will have access to key players in a broad range of industries from across the globe. Connect with the best minds in audience engagement, online marketing, innovative and disruptive technology and quality factual screen content.
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ScreenPro comment: Filmmaker Alex Gibney has received critical acclaim and Academy recognition for several of the documentaries he has created throughout his 35-year career. Gibney’s latest film is a scientology doc called Going Clear, and Vimeo viewers will soon have a chance to see it. Beginning in September 2015, the online video platform’s On Demand service will be the first place where viewers can download Going Clear.
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ScreenPro comment: On the opening night of this year’s Sundance Film Festival, two films, as usual, had their premières, gaining maximum exposure to reporters and critics. The first was “What Happened, Miss Simone?,” a documentary about the singer and civil-rights icon Nina Simone. It was funded by Netflix, based at least in part on data the company collects about its users: information about what we watch, when we watch, how highly we rate what we’ve seen, and even when we hit rewind.
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ScreenPro comment: In 2013, Jason Calacanis wrote a post titled, “I ain’t gonna work on YouTube’s farm no more.” In it, the media entrepreneur detailed how, despite being one of the top funded YouTube creator partners, he turned down the platform’s money when it was time to renew his contract.
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ScreenPro comment: Maker Studios has cut a deal with Vimeo to help some of its smaller YouTube creators cash in on their video fare — off of YouTube.
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