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ScreenPro comment: Further blurring the boundaries between old and new media.
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ScreenPro comment: With over five million subscribers and half a billion views, classically-trained violinist Lindsey Stirling has just partnered with Maker Studios to handle her YouTube channels, advertiser relations, and more.
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ScreenPro comment: After the sale of Maker Studios to Disney and the move by Otter Media for Fullscreen, speculation is that StyleHaul is the next MCN target. Certainly audience numbers justify the interest, but look to the future for the real reason why.
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ScreenPro comment: Flying sharks, branded yachts and new media moguls – Are there any borders left in the TV industry?
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ScreenPro comment: I have run 11 crowdfunding campaigns for filmmakers over the last two years. Collectively, these campaigns have raised over $400k, with an average donation of $194.30 per person. These campaigns have taught me a lot along the way, and I am happy to share some tips with all of you.
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ScreenPro comment: U.S. teenagers are more enamored with YouTube stars than they are the biggest celebrities in film, TV and music.
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ScreenPro comment: While Sylvester Stallone expressed sadness at the leak, Kellan Lutz was more upbeat, predicting that Internet pirates would still go to the theater following their illegal downloads.
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ScreenPro comment: In today’s increasingly fragmented media world, dozens of TV shows are trying to convince the public to tune in at a certain time everyday. Almost every TV show has a Facebook page and a Twitter account to engage with their audience as well as market their show and characters. Therefore, TV execs need to get more creative with their marketing efforts, especially when it comes to marketing to Millennials.
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ScreenPro comment: Anyone can build an audience on YouTube, but what can really separate you from the others is having the ability to turn your audience into a family.
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ScreenPro comment: If you asked me how I came to the film world and I told you I essentially started by selling vintage clothing on eBay, you would probably think I answered the wrong question. This myopic line of thinking is exactly why you might think it’s hard to make, sell, and distribute a film.
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ScreenPro comment: Despite serving as two of the YouTube community’s most familiar faces, Rhett and Link only release a new video on their main channel about once a month. This causes any new offering from the comedy duo to merit celebration, but their latest video is particularly brilliant. Rhett and Link teamed up with Choice Hotels for “I’m On Vacation“, a music video about hitting the beach, working at an ice cream sandwich factory, and the zombie apocalypse.
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ScreenPro comment: Just as the much-disrupted entertainment landscape seemed to be leveling out, a new wave of upheaval has swept through the industry, affecting both traditional and online players alike… and not always in the direction initially expected.
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ScreenPro comment: Making films is akin to launching a new product. Statistics show that most fail. “All we need is money” isn’t the answer.
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ScreenPro comment: But the bigger growth story was once again international for Netflix: The company added 1.12 million subscribers in its international markets, compared to 610,000 a year ago, and now has 13.80 million subscribers abroad, up from 7.75 million a year ago.
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ScreenPro comment: In a joint interview with Variety, Grazer, Howard and Discovery CEO David Zaslav spoke of wanting to reach out to a new generation of younger viewers who are gravitating to YouTube and beyond for innovative programming–particularly on the scripted side, which may be underserved.
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