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  • Member Project: Australian Encounters *WINNER OVAs 2014* - Animation
  • Member Project: Double Happy vs The Infinite Sadness *Shortlisted OVAs 2014* - Animation
ScreenPro comment: Despite the growing trend towards self-distribution, AFM is still a hugely important event in the industry, and something to which we should all pay attention.
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ScreenPro comment: A federal court in Washington has rejected a $30,000 damages award against several Internet subscribers accused of downloading a pirated movie via BitTorrent. Judge Thomas Rice doubted that filmmakers were hurt much by the pirates and said the requested amount would be "excessive punishment."
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ScreenPro comment: Trading company Mitsui & Co. has taken a minority stake in US-based FactoryMade Ventures, an incubator for media companies. Per the partnership, the companies will work together to create and fund content and media businesses in the US, from which they’ll distribute content across platforms in the US and Japan.
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ScreenPro comment: Why do some videos rack up millions of views while others linger in obscurity? How does a particular clip become a cultural phenomenon while others remain perennially unseen? What is it that makes a video go viral? Tubefilter has partnered with Jukin Media to take an analytical dive into online video ephemera to try to come up with some answers. Join us for our new regular series Anatomy Of A Viral Video as we explore today's biggest viral hits and how all those views add up.
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ScreenPro comment: As its speculated launch draws nearer, we continue to learn more details about Vessel, the online video platform started by former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar. The latest report on the stealth startup comes from AdAge, which has outlined Vessel’s apparent strategy of 72-hour exclusive windows for content from prominent YouTube creators.
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ScreenPro comment: New report released by Screen Australia on local audience use of VOD.
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ScreenPro comment: After months of speculation, YouTube is finally launching its subscription music service.
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ScreenPro comment: Called Jetpak, the focus of the MCN is to provide the same type of services to creators that other networks on YouTube claim to, but without all of the “one-sided” terms that favor the MCN more than the creator.
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ScreenPro comment: Digital-entertainment executives Marc Hustvedt and Max Benator have formed Supergravity Pictures, a feature-film studio aiming to produce and distribute three to five full-length features and premium long-form specials per year featuring stars from YouTube and other digital venues.
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ScreenPro comment: A paid twist for the long-free site would be based on the examples of older media types, like cable television and magazines, and also the more recent cases of apps that offer users the option to pay a fee or watch an ad...
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ScreenPro comment: MTV is looking to YouTube talent for a new documentary series. Called “Todrick,” it will follow Todrick Hall, a musical creator whose elaborate performances on YouTube require plenty of cast members and lots of style.
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ScreenPro comment: These planning tips from Ooyala’s Business Consulting experts will help you make the right decisions, and maximize your revenue
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ScreenPro comment: Netflix is already leveraging operator relationships in Europe to get on the set-top box and accelerate growth. With the announcement that HBO and CBS are going direct to consumer over the Internet, is it time for operators to open up the pay TV STB to OTT providers?
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ScreenPro comment: Rainn Wilson loves keeping his finger on the pulse of new media. As such, the founder of multimedia company SoulPancake and former star of The Office is producing the aptly-titled Hollywood and Vine, a new television comedy starring five celebrities from Vine.
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