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ScreenPro comment: The next time you call your cable company to complain about paying $100 a month for hundreds of channels, get ready for them to agree. That’s because pay TV operators are starting to realize that not all customers are created equal, and that some might be much better served with content that has traditionally been ignored by TV networks.
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ScreenPro comment: Tonight, the supernatural romance In Your Eyes, written by Joss Whedon and directed by Brin Hill (Won’t Back Down), made its official world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. But immediately after the screening came a surprise announcement from Whedon — the film was now available digitally, and globally.
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ScreenPro comment: Samsung first introduced the ability for smart TV developers to charge for their apps in early 2012, mirroring similar efforts by Roku and others to offer developers additional ways to monetize their apps. However, with a few exceptions, smart TV apps haven’t really been huge sellers..
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ScreenPro comment: Australia's national broadcaster has won an International Emmy award for its experimental comedy series #7DaysLater. The series, which aired on ABC2, allowed its audience to shape each episode using social media. The results were produced for broadcast a week later. It was described by the ABC as a "digital crowd-sourced comedy series".
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ScreenPro comment: Millions of people pirate Game of Thrones instead of paying for it. One of the prime reasons is the hefty price tag that comes with a premium subscription, which isn't really a surprise if you look at the costs in some countries. Honestly, would you pay $500 to follow the latest season?
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ScreenPro comment: The Comcast-owned media company has announced a video initiative through which at least a dozen series will be released digitally through NBC’s online platforms, Hulu (of which NBCU owns 32%), and video-on-demand services.
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ScreenPro comment: At 36, Leung is too old now to play himself as a teenager. That task has fallen to 23-year-old John Luc, a YouTube sensation from the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. 'Playing a 17-year-old is very easy because I act like a 17-year-old,' says Luc, whose YouTube channel, mychonny, has had more than 150 million views.
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ScreenPro comment: Mr Zeccola, whose chain fully or jointly operates 22 upmarket cinemas around the country, is upset at widespread claims that the cost of movie-going excuses illegal downloading.
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ScreenPro comment: ndiegogo has gotten a face lift. While the name, business principles and basic philosophy remains the same, the crowd funding platform has gotten a new logo and a redesigned website.
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ScreenPro comment: This year's memes will be bigger, bolder and more popular than ever. We promise. Watch our video for more details.
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ScreenPro comment: In our case, that meant getting things for free or at a very low cost in about 3 weeks. Ambitious.. yes? Crazy? Mais non! We managed to do it and deliver a pretty funny and interesting trailer for our deadline. Although it did create a few hilarious lessons that I thought I’d share with all of you fine folks.
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ScreenPro comment: Amazon is in the hits business. The company never reveals specific sales numbers for its Kindle and Kindle Fire products except in words like "best-selling," but Amazon sells tablets and ebook readers in the millions. Starting today, it probably has a third hit on its hands: the Fire TV, its new media streamer. And that’s no accident.
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ScreenPro comment: There are currently over 33,000 films trying to raise funds on Kickstarter alone which doesn’t include films raising money on other worthy platforms such as IndieGoGo and Seed and Spark, among others.
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ScreenPro comment: Hulu is getting serious about its programming. In his first major hire since taking the helm at the premium online video destination and subscription service in October 2013, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins has announced via the Hulu blog that Craig Erwich will be Hulu’s Senior Vice President and Head of Content.
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ScreenPro comment: Reports are surfacing that Yahoo will be launching its own YouTube-like service in the coming months. As part of this service, Yahoo would need to lure top talent away from YouTube with the promise of more ad revenue.
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