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ScreenPro comment: Recent signs at the Disney-owned multichannel network are troubling, but there’s no reason yet to panic August has been the hottest month for Maker Studios. The millennial-courting, digital-facing multichannel network, which Disney acquired with much fanfare in March 2014, has shown signs of struggle.
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ScreenPro comment: The list, a few notable exceptions, is a roster of some of the biggest names in tech: Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla and Netflix are teaming up to revamp the way video works over the Internet. The companies have joined together as the Alliance for Open Media to create a new open source video format.
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ScreenPro comment: Facebook is finally taking steps to curb copyright abuse on its video player, according to statement released on the company’s blog today. Facebook has seen massive growth in its video views over the last year, driven in no small part by its infamous algorithm which favors content uploaded to its native player and moves it to the top of users’ streams.
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ScreenPro comment: Recently YouTube has been spending a tremendous amount of effort defending and growing its business in two key areas, namely gaming and mobile. By and large these updates have been well received by the community, but I’d like to suggest another update to the platform in the analytics department. YouTube needs an in-house solution for A/B testing. Why? Because an A/B test is a fantastically useful method of measuring two different versions of something to see which one is the more successful. What video marketer or creator wouldn't want that kind of feedback on their YouTube videos?
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ScreenPro comment: Netflix has picked up “Smosh: The Movie,” the teen-comedy flick headlined by YouTube stars Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, in a deal granting it exclusive subscription-streaming rights. Netflix will debut “Smosh: The Movie” Sept. 22, two months after the film was released on Apple’s iTunes and Vimeo starting at $9.99 per digital copy.
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ScreenPro comment: WME and Defy Media are looking to develop beautiful content together. The talent agency and digital network confirmed they’ve teamed up to expand and package Defy’s slate of original projects to film and television as the digital networks looks to grow its footprint into the linear world.
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ScreenPro comment: Apple has been meeting with Hollywood executives with an eye towards making its own original TV shows and movies, Variety reports. The news comes just over a week before Apple’s September 9th event, where it’s expected to launch the next version of its Apple TV set-top device.
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ScreenPro comment: The Internet Cat Video Festival attracted one of its biggest attendance records to date. The fourth annual event dedicated solely to the cultural obsession with cat videos drew a crowd of 13,000 people on August 12, 2015.
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ScreenPro comment: Since the late eighteenth century or so, there have been three main business models in the entertainment and media business: selling content, selling advertisements, or both. Some media are predominantly driven by payment (books, movies, and Netflix), others by advertisements (Google and broadcast television); while some rely on both (cable, newspapers, and magazines).
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ScreenPro comment: Starting Dec. 1, content from all three of Seven West’s television networks (Seven Network, 7TWO and 7Mate) will be available for 24/7 streaming online and on mobile devices. Content will be available to be streamed live or following broadcast.
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ScreenPro comment: Vevo is best known as the home of music videos from some of today’s biggest stars. The site exclusively hosts music videos and related content for artists signed two of the “big three” major labels, Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. The site is a joint venture between the two labels in partnership with Abu Dhabi Media Group and a little company called Google. Together, they’ve managed to turn Vevo into one of the web’s mosty popular music destinations.
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ScreenPro comment: NBCUniversal did as expected this morning and announced its previously-reported $200 million equity investment in technology-driven media company BuzzFeed. It comes on the heels of last week’s $200 million investment by NBCU in Vox Media, which owns such popular web properties as Re/code, The Verge, Polygon, Curbed, Eater, Vox.com and SBNation.
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ScreenPro comment: Matthew Clarke and David Pilchard have become YouTube sensations with a concept so simple that its genius is undeniable: Two grown acting out conversations with a toddler. “Convos With My Two Year Old” has racked up over 770K subscribers and over 67M views since its launch in 2013. The aforementioned two-year-old is now four, but the series is still going strong.
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ScreenPro comment: When it distributes Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq later this year, Amazon Studios will make its first significant foray into the world of film distribution. In order to keep up any momentum it gains from its first few movies, Amazon will need to acquire an impressive library of upcoming projects, and it has hired a new executive to help accomplish that goal. Julie Rapaport, formerly of The Weinstein Company, will join Amazon Studios in a role Variety calls “development executive.”
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ScreenPro comment: “TO BE HONEST,” Tracie Egan Morrissey tells me. “I actually don’t really care what men think or how they feel.” It’s about ten minutes into our interview when I first ask Morrissey about men. We’re laughing. We’re serious. We’re talking about lady power suits, Rose McGowan, the lack of dedicated lesbian bars, abortion pills, a female motorcycle club in New Orleans, hangovers, Florida, a women’s boxing group in Kenya, witches, how mansplaining is not a real word (Morrissey has banned it), Caitlin Jenner, and feminism. Lots of feminism.
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