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ScreenPro comment: YouTube getting into long-form content?
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ScreenPro comment: While revenue on YouTube can be great for individual creators, the potential upside and speed at which they’re able to move changes drastically when accountability becomes a larger issue. As content on the platform evolves from vlogs to productions growing bigger and more elaborate, closer to traditional TV shows of Films (at times), it only makes sense that they’d be accountable to those same fees and regulations as their traditional video counterparts.
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ScreenPro comment: Disney is betting that Maker Studios will be the Marvel of tomorrow
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ScreenPro comment: Facebook‘s plan to compete with YouTube‘s world-beating video sharing platform is no secret. Recently, the top social media site updated its video player by adding in two new features (a view counter and a “related videos” function), both of which can be found on YouTube. The message was clear: By offering a more YouTube-like experience, Facebook hopes to take on Google’s industry leader.
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ScreenPro comment: First of all, Minecraft is much more than just a game. You ought to think of it more as a platform.
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ScreenPro comment: NORAD is one of the many projects Amazon’s currently working on, including Promised Land, Point of Honor, Mad Dogs, and Down Dog (the Studios recently cast Lyndsy Fonseca in one of the lead roles for the yoga studio-based comedy).
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ScreenPro comment: “In the film industry we have always focused on the B2B angle to get our films financed, but social media and crowd-funding allows a new paradigm shift. We can focus on business to consumers instead. The music industry adapted to this shift a long time ago and now the time is ripe for the film industry,” said Mai in a statement.
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ScreenPro comment: Perhaps the biggest misconception in the entertainment industry is that people buy content, when in fact, we buy experiences. We buy context. The real value of content is not so much a function of the product itself, but what it means to us, and how it mirrors the self back and makes our own lives seem infused with meaning.
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ScreenPro comment: New research from Spotify shows that music piracy via BitTorrent dropped 20% in Australia during the first year the streaming platform was operational. The drop was mostly driven by casual file-sharers, and the number of hard-core pirates remains stable.
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ScreenPro comment: So far, however, most fan funding channels have yet to see massive adoption from the users, in part because they’re still getting the word out that the option is available.
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ScreenPro comment: Further blurring the boundaries between old and new media.
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ScreenPro comment: With over five million subscribers and half a billion views, classically-trained violinist Lindsey Stirling has just partnered with Maker Studios to handle her YouTube channels, advertiser relations, and more.
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ScreenPro comment: After the sale of Maker Studios to Disney and the move by Otter Media for Fullscreen, speculation is that StyleHaul is the next MCN target. Certainly audience numbers justify the interest, but look to the future for the real reason why.
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ScreenPro comment: Flying sharks, branded yachts and new media moguls – Are there any borders left in the TV industry?
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ScreenPro comment: I have run 11 crowdfunding campaigns for filmmakers over the last two years. Collectively, these campaigns have raised over $400k, with an average donation of $194.30 per person. These campaigns have taught me a lot along the way, and I am happy to share some tips with all of you.
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