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ScreenPro comment: Kings of Peking, a feature to be shot in China with an Aussie team, completed a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. They've now launched a Chinese crowdfunding ask.
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ScreenPro comment: Facebook videos play automatically, which certainly helps to juice the total-views metric, but going from one billion to four billion total views per day in a little over six months is one of the reasons people now consider Facebook as a bona fide YouTube competitor.
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ScreenPro comment: “In the US alone, networks like MTV and Nickelodeon have lost that core audience that have traditionally kept them afloat,” he continued. “Everyone knows that content consumption has moved to YouTube, online and mobile.”
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ScreenPro comment: With timing that’s not at all coincidental, HBO today – 4/20 for those in the know – announced it has acquired a web series called “High Maintenance” which follows the adventures of a Brooklyn pot dealer. The online comedy gained notoriety as the first-ever Vimeo Original series when the streaming video site partnered with show creators Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfield back in 2013 to release the initial episodes free of charge. The show returned to Vimeo for Season 2 last year, and has since become one of the all-time top-selling releases for Vimeo On Demand, the company noted today in a statement.
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ScreenPro comment: Thanks to the popularity of online media sites like YouTube, mainstream entertainment soon may look more like that kid clowning around in front of a laptop camera.
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ScreenPro comment: BroadbandTV, the Vancouver-based YouTube technology firm and multi-channel network owned by European broadcaster RTL Group, has acquired YoBoHo, a producer and distributor of kids and family-friendly content on YouTube.
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ScreenPro comment: Aussie series That Startup Show is using a new distribution platform called BitTorrent Bundle to sell their show direct to viewers.
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ScreenPro comment: As the two tech leaders battle it out for viewers’ attention, they’re driving each other to be better and better, making life a whole lot more interesting for the average remote-clutching couch potato.
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ScreenPro comment: Many digital media companies have embraced monthly and annual subscriptions. The business model allows digital media companies to provide a premium experience that offers more than the basic, often ad-supported service level.
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ScreenPro comment: A glimpse into the future of Vimeo—long the bellwether for the online video industry—might shed some light on the future of the webseries as growing part of digital entertainment.
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ScreenPro comment: Funding agency Screen Australia will showcase some of the country’s biggest digital talent at MIP Digital Fronts on April 15. The YouTube creators in Screen Australia’s presentation will include Derek Muller, Natalie Tran, Nick Boshier, Connor Van Vuuren, and John Luc.
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ScreenPro comment: As online video creators and networks continue to seek ways to expand their distribution and revenue streams, an Iceland-based startup wants to help them launch subscription video streaming channels worldwide.
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ScreenPro comment: HBO has not exactly been standing still over the past two years, adding more subscribers in 2014 than in any of its previous 30 years; its creative hot streak has continued with True Detective, Silicon Valley, Looking, and more; and it’s far more profitable than Netflix ($1.8 billion versus $403 million in 2014). Yet this good fortune hasn’t prevented Plepler from recognizing the potency of the threat that Netflix and its ilk present.
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ScreenPro comment: YouTube is poised to launch a paid for subscription model that will allow subscribers to bypass adverts. Reports this morning suggest the roll out of the ad-free package could be as early as June.
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ScreenPro comment: It’s no secret that Facebook wants video creators to upload content directly to the social network instead of embedding third-party (YouTube) clips. The company has even made it so that those clips perform better on the social network.
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