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ScreenPro comment: “Now is the time for risk taking and new ideas. The changes in viewing platforms means changes in audiences and our industry has to embrace this to succeed. It’s a challenging but exciting time.”
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ScreenPro comment: BuzzFeed Motion Pictures President Ze Frank will be joined by Oscar-nominated producer Michael Shamberg to discuss “the future of digital Hollywood” and address the exciting shifts in production and distribution that are challenging traditional TV and studio models. Frank is the driving force behind BuzzFeed’s expansive video division and a pioneer of online video.
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ScreenPro comment: I know this sounds crazy, but what if authors and artists didn’t just pump their work into Facebook for free? Yeah, it built the pipes, but that doesn’t mean the water’s not worth money. The content keeps people coming back to Facebook’s News Feed, which is filled with expertly targeted ads. Right now, all creators get in return is referral traffic.
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ScreenPro comment: HBO has ordered a pilot for “The Gorburger Show,” an online comedy series from Funny or Die that aired for two seasons on YouTube.
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ScreenPro comment: Jerry Seinfeld’s web series continues to roll along as the most popular offering within Crackle’s original content library. The season six trailer for Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee offers a look at Seinfeld’s upcoming round of casual conversations with funny people, which will commence on June 3rd.
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ScreenPro comment: First and foremost, our theme this year is “The Millennial Shift”: consumer habits are changing faster than ever and the social videomarket must adapt to younger, mobile, and multi-connected audiences. This is not a new phenomenon, of course, but millennials are the consumers of tomorrow, and as media users, their habits tell us a lot about the future of TV distribution, content, and formats.
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ScreenPro comment: Mashable and Above Average have teamed up to launch a weekly variety web show. Called “The Tripp & Tyler Show: Finding the Humor in IRL,” the series stars YouTubers Tripp Crosby and Tyler Stanton as they banter their way through tips, hacks, and facts.
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ScreenPro comment: Spotify has just unveiled the newest version of the product at a media event here in New York City. Alongside the introduction of new media types, such as podcasts and videos, the service will also serve up playlists that are more personalized and relevant to what you’re doing at the time.
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ScreenPro comment: Vessel’s written a blog post letting people know what’s gone down on the subscription/ad-supported video service since its launch about a month ago. Basically, the message is, “We’re doing very well, thank you.”
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ScreenPro comment: Not only do 55% of all keyword searches in the U.S. return at least one video blended into Google’s web search results, but 8 out 10 of those videos belong to YouTube.
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ScreenPro comment: To be clear, “YouTube famous” is “actual” famous. Rock-star famous. So, yeah, it’s tough. I’ve worked with a lot of the top online talent in my career, and my perspective around this issue is likely more skewed than most. But I had an experience a couple days ago in New York that opened my eyes.
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ScreenPro comment: Video publishing and distribution platform Zype has partnered with VHX, a direct-to-viewer video distribution service. Aimed at publishers, individual creators, and MCNs, Zype helps them create video sites and apps as well as manage and monetize their content. Per its new feature, Distribution Connections, Zype will let its creators access other distribution partners to further spread their digital content.
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ScreenPro comment: Kings of Peking, a feature to be shot in China with an Aussie team, completed a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. They've now launched a Chinese crowdfunding ask.
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ScreenPro comment: Facebook videos play automatically, which certainly helps to juice the total-views metric, but going from one billion to four billion total views per day in a little over six months is one of the reasons people now consider Facebook as a bona fide YouTube competitor.
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ScreenPro comment: “In the US alone, networks like MTV and Nickelodeon have lost that core audience that have traditionally kept them afloat,” he continued. “Everyone knows that content consumption has moved to YouTube, online and mobile.”
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