Facebook vs YouTube - where to for Creators?

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  • 20/Jun/16

Facebook vs YouTube - where to for Creators?

Which platform is best for your content? Creators are saying that there's a real choice now. At a recent meetup of content creators in Melbourne I heard one of the featured creators comparing the views for the same content on Facebook and YouTube. The Facebook views outnumbered the you Tube views by an order of magnitude, something like 400,000 to a few thousand.So now we have a dilemma- do you want the views or the money? Because Facebook currently doesn't have a monetisation model. {+}

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Twitch Sues Services That Offer “Viewbots” To Streamers

Twitch is attempting to crack down on services that allow users to cheat their way to digital fame and fortune. The live streaming platform, best known as a hub for video game content, has filed a lawsuit against seven individuals who, taken together, run at least 12 sites where visitors can purchase automated followers known as “viewbots.”

Source: Tubefilter on 27/Jun/16

Addressable TV Advertising: Creating a Better, More Personal TV and Video Experience

Addressable TV advertising is the ability to show different ads to different households while they are watching the same program. With the help of addressable advertising, advertisers can move beyond large-scale traditional TV ad buys, to focus on relevance and impact.

Source: Think Google on 25/Jun/16

Introducing the Internet Creators Guild

There is no system for protecting creators, many of whom have no experience in any industry, let alone the notoriously cut-throat entertainment industry. I’m ten years into this and I kinda can’t believe that there’s still no centralized organization representing creators. So I’m creating one.

Source: Medium on 21/Jun/16

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