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ScreenPro comment: In the days since Sony canceled the theatrical release of the Seth Rogen, James Franco comedy The Interview, the studio has so far failed to make any alternative distribution arrangements, in part because crucial Video On Demand partners are unwilling to assume the risk of a potential new cyberattack. (A weekend rumor that Sony is planning to put the movie on its own streaming service, Crackle, appears to be just that—a rumor, and nothing else at this point.)
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ScreenPro comment: "The Discoverers" played in more than 25 cities, was in movie theaters for nearly six months and garnered great press. While we didn't make waves in the specialty box office arena, we did outgross films by nearly every indie distributor. We were a New York Times Critics' Pick, dubbed a "heartwarming and hilarious" "indie gem," and critics universally praised our star Griffin Dunne's performance.
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ScreenPro comment: Netflix has long treated viewership data on particular titles as something close to a state secret, or at least a trade secret, to the point that it purportedly declines to share that information even with the creatives behind its original series. So my guess would be that it’s not thrilled with Nielsen’s snooping.
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ScreenPro comment: As it turns out, casting a bunch of social media stars in a film is a good way to ensure that film performs well on digital platforms. Expelled, which stars Vine personality Cameron Dallas as a prankster who gets kicked out of school, reached #1 on iTunes just one day after its video on-demand (VOD) release.
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ScreenPro comment: Sony may have withdrawn The Interview but not everyone is scared of releasing the movie. Author Paulo Coelho, whose book The Alchemist has sold in excess of 165 million copies, has just offered to buy the rights to the movie from Sony. He informs TorrentFreak that it would go straight on BitTorrent, for free.
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ScreenPro comment: With just 22 days left in 2014, the world’s largest video sharing site and the digital production house have released YouTube Rewind 2014, the sixth iteration of YouTube’s wildly popular end-of-year summary videos. This year’s edition is on a grander scale than 2013’s, bringing together over 120 creators from around the world to re-create the year’s top videos set to this year’s top music.
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ScreenPro comment: Apple TV and YouTube wants their collective users to enjoy all that the world’s largest video sharing site has to offer, not just the unmonetized parts of it. The Internet set-top system now comes with an updated YouTube app with a new design and features, including the ability to stream ad-supported YouTube videos.
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ScreenPro comment: Back in October, HBO announced it was going to create a subscription-based streaming service separate from its HBO GO program. Now, the network has told Fortune it has outsourced the service’s development and hopes to get it launched at the same time as the Game of Thrones season four premiere on April 6, 2015.
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ScreenPro comment: Australians who illegally download copyrighted material won't face any new regime to slow down or suspend their Internet connections. However, proposals being presented to cabinet today will outline a new mechanism allowing copyright holders to have 'infringing' sites blocked at the ISP level.
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ScreenPro comment: Streaming media players are now owned by 19% of TV viewers, according to new report by GfK. More remarkable is the progress new entrants Google and Amazon have made. Parks Associates says Chromecast is now the second most popular player, ahead of Apple TV, with Amazon Fire TV in fourth place.
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ScreenPro comment: During Q3 2014, TV viewership averaged over 141 hours per month, per person. That’s six hours less than what Americans watched in Q3 of last year (a roughly 4% decrease). Meanwhile, online streaming video viewing has increased by about 60% in the same time frame.
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ScreenPro comment: On December 3, 2014, South Park is taking on the world of video game live streamers, and the episode will give a fresh opportunity on a new entertainment medium to the most popular gamer on the Internet. 25-year-old Felix Kjellberg, whose YouTube channel PewDiePie has more than 32 million subscribers, will make his TV debut with a voice cameo in the episode.
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ScreenPro comment: “The guys are so genius,” I’m paraphrasing, “They‘ve always known that they can’t look like TV. They have to look just a little bit better than what the average person can do.”
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ScreenPro comment: Despite the growing trend towards self-distribution, AFM is still a hugely important event in the industry, and something to which we should all pay attention.
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ScreenPro comment: A federal court in Washington has rejected a $30,000 damages award against several Internet subscribers accused of downloading a pirated movie via BitTorrent. Judge Thomas Rice doubted that filmmakers were hurt much by the pirates and said the requested amount would be "excessive punishment."
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